MultiEQP-100 Processing System for Metallic Samples

Developed for quality control and analysis labs working with metallic samples, the MultiEPQ-100 is an extremely effective, versatile unit which works by cutting, crushing or punching the samples ready for use in elemental or X-ray analysis. Crushing the metal results in a smooth, even surface perfect for spark analysis. The unit’s intuitive touch-screen interface makes it easy to control while the addition of two magnetic sensors on the left hand side of the pistons allow for operation to be fully automatic. While custom tools are available on request, there are four purpose built accessories for the MultiEQP-100:
MEQP-100-P    Punching tools
MEQP-100-C    Cutting tools
MEQP-100-CR  Crushing tools
MEQP-FLAT     Pressing tools

Other tools on demand


  • Quick
  • Very simple to operate
  • Versatile (cuts, crushes, punches)
  • Convenient digital display with user-friendly instructions in Spanish and English
  • Able to hold up to three different pistons
  • Can exert up to 50 tons of pressure
  • Special tools available on request

Metal industries

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