F1 Electric Fluxer

To help eliminate combustible gases from laboratories, the Equilab F Series heats up via electric induction, homogeneously, quickly and efficiently, thereby representing a major step forward for electric fusion units. A highly automated unit, the F1 is able to control and monitor the fusion process of a sample in real time. Temperature is constantly checked and the system is underpinned by a dedicated software program. The result is a unit that can control and modify the fusion process of each sample at any point.  The F1 Induction Fusion Unit has been especially designed to facilitate and speed up the preparation of glass disks for analysis by X-RayAA solutions and for ICP analysis.  Beads and dissolutions with classic fluxes (Borates) can be produced easily and efficiently while it is also possible to undertake high quality oxidations of non oxidised elements using peroxides. The F1’s performance is extremely efficient at both high and low temperatures.


  • Glass Beads: up to 12 per hour with each module
  • Dissolutions: up to 16 per hour with each module
  • Fusions/oxidations (peroxide): up to 16 per hour
  • Very economical power consumption
  • Programmable stirring system ensures excellent homogenisation of the samples during heating
  • Door automatically locks for safety once the temperature can be deemed a risk to the operator

In addition, heating by induction avoids all the disadvantages derived from the use of gas:
•  ineffective control of the temperature
•  not the right atmosphere for the oxidation of samples
• gas pressure problems in high locations
• presence of flames with risk of intoxication or explosion
• powerful extraction systems required

  • geological samples
  • cements
  • minerals
  • slag
  • ceramics
  • oxides
  • glass
  • metals
  • ferroalloys
  • sulphides
  • fluoride
  • alloys

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