EQ-PUL Polishing Unit for Platinumware

Proper care and maintenance of the platinumware used in the fusion process is vital if accurate results are to be obtained. The EQ-PUL Polishing Unit was designed with this in mind. It has eight variable speeds, is easy to use and very versatile. As small scratches build up on platinumware over time as a result of normal wear and tear, careful sanding and polishing can mean the difference between analysis you can rely on and bad data which can cost time and money. Take the necessary steps to secure the accuracy of your results with correct maintenance using the best tool for the job: the EQ-PUL. Download our brochure for further details.

  • Eight different speeds
  • Very simple to operate.¬†Eliminates the need for specialised technicians
  • Firmly holds the object in place
  • Extends the useable life of platinumware
  • Adds confidence to the quality of analytical results

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