CKIC 5E Series Fluorine/Chlorine Analyser

5E Series Fluorine/Chlorine Analyzer is used to determine the fluorine and chlorine in coal or other combustibles by combustion hydrolysis method(Ion selective electrode method for F and Potentiometric titration method for CI), which is widely applied in coal-fired plants, coal mines, steel plants, petrochemical industry, etc.

Model 5E-FT2301 Fluorine Analyzer/5E-CLT2311 Chlorine Analyzer
Conforms to Method Fluorine:GB/T 4633, ASTM D5987, ISO 11724, AS 1038.10.4
Chlorine:GB/T 3558, ASTM D6721, ISO 587, SN/T 3596
Measuring Range Fluorine:10-2000ug/g Chlorine:0.003-0.4%
Sample Mass 0.5 g
High Temp Furnace Precision 1100 ±10℃
Analysis Time 1. Decomposition 35mins
2.Calibration of electrode parameters available to calibrate when decomposing the first batch of samples and not calculated to total analysis time
3. Titration Fluorine:15mins  Chlorine:15mins
For dual sample analysis: 65min
For continuous analysis: 17.5min/ sample (average)
Sensitivity of Electrode Potential 0.1mV
Minimum Filling of Injection Pump 50 uL
Accuracy Within uncertainty range of standard sample
Repeatability 15ug/g(Fad≤150ug/g), 10%(Fad>150ug/g), 0.010% (Clad)
Power Supply Single phase, AC220V±10%, 50/60 Hz, ≤3.5 kW
Net Weight Analysis Unit:130kg, Reservoir:30kg
Dimension (L×W×H) Analysis Unit:1400mm×600mm×610mm,
Reservoir:900mm×500mm×510 mm
Models Available:
5E-FT2301 to test Fluorine content
5E-CLT2311 to test Chlorine content

High Automation
Automatic analysis process available after sample loading.

High Efficiency
Two sample analyses for each batch and continuous analysis available.

High safety Assurance
Unattended operation with the protection of lack or overflow of water level

Flexible Layout
No water tap is required around the instrument as it is equipped with water tank.

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