CKIC 5E-MW6513 Automatic Moisture Analyser

The 5E-MW6513 Automatic Moisture Analyzer is used to determine the total moisture for coal or coke samples, which is widely applied in thermal power plants, coal industry, metallurgical, petrochemical, cement plants, research institutes and inspection company

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Model 5E-MW6513 Automatic Moisture Analyzer
Sample Mass 500g for 2 samples per batch(max. 650g)
100g±1g for 6 samples per batch
Analysis Range 1%- 60%
Precision Complied with ISO/ASTM standards
Analysis Time Classical mode: 2h,
Quick mode: 45mins
Temp. Control Range Up to 200℃
Sample Size <13mm
Max. Weight of Balance 4kg
Resolution of Balance 0.001g
Power Supply Single phase, AC220V±10%, 50/60Hz, ≤2.5kW
Net Weight 60 kg
Dimensions (L×W×H) 700mm×650mm×625mm
Standard Configuration:
Main analyzer
Scale beam
Balance base
Tool kit

1. Capable of drying with nitrogen for arbitration purposes.
2. Built-in balance for real-time display, which makes it convenient to control the precision of sample weight.
3. Equipped with the functions of power-off protection.
4. Auto-alarm of sample mass limit and out-of-tolerance results.

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