CKIC 5E-AS3200 Coulomb Sulfur Analyser

CKIC 5E-AS3200 Coulomb Sulfur Analyser

The 5E-S3200 Coulomb Sulfur Analyzer is used to determine the total sulfur content in coal and liquid fuel. A sample is combusted in a dry air atmosphere; the gases evolved go to a electrolytic cell containing platinum indicating electrodes and platinum electrolysis electrodes. A small current is produced as the sulfur reacts with electrodes; the current is balanced and equivalent to the amount of sulfur present in coal.

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Model 5E-S3200 Automatic Sulfur Analyzer
Conforms to Method GB/T 214, ISO20336
Analysis Resolution 0.01%
Max. Sample loading 1 sample per batch automatically
Sulfur Range 0.01%-30% customized range available
Min. Analysis Time 3min
Operation Temp 0-1200°c selectable (for coal 1150℃ is recommended, for oil 920℃ is recommended.)
Temp.Control Precision ±3℃
Sample Mass 45-55mg for coal, 80-100mg for oil
Power Supply Single phase, AC220V±10%, 50/60Hz, 3kW
Net Weight 53kg
Dimensions(L×W×H) 968mm×510mm×345mm
Standard Configuration:
Main analyzer
Electrolytic cell
Tungsten trioxide
Silica wool
Tool kit
Standard Reference Material(GBW)

Optional Configuration:Quartz sand for oil testing

Features:Easy Operation 1. Auto self-diagnosis.
2. Protect heating components by over temperature alarms and auto heating off function
3. Large volume reagent tube to minimize the maintenance of changing the reagent

Cost Saving The test can be performed without oxygen, and the desiccant can be used repeatedly.

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