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EQR-200 Vibratory Disc Mill

The ideal grinding unit to obtain analytical granulometries of a wide variety of samples such as glass, earth, metallic oxides ferroalloys, ceramic materials and more.

EQM-402 Ball Mixer Mill

Equilab’s Ball Mixer Mill is perfect for analysing a range of samples. It can grind, mix and homgenise small samples very quickly and is particularly well suited to hard, semihard or brittle samples.

EQP-1 Manual Pellet Press

The EQP-1 Manual Pellet Press has been developed to obtain high quality pellets with flat, even surfaces free from cracking and a high level of cohesion and stability.

EQJ-100 Jaw Crusher

Robust, simple to use and extremely effective, the EQJ-100 Jaw Crusher is able to quickly crush glass, earth, slag, metallic oxides, cement, construction materials and a wide range of other materials.

EQP-100 Semi-automatic Pellet Press

The EQP-100 Pellet Press is another very easy to use and very effective sample preparation unit which can exert up to 40 tons of pressure in the creation of high quality pellets with a uniform, crack-free finish.

EQP-200 Semi-automatic Pellet Ultrapress

Able to prepare perfect pellets of varying diameters and shapes thanks to its range of pressing tools, the EQP-200 is extremely robust and can also manage five single or double cycle programs.

F1 Electrical Fluxer

The Equilab F1 Induction Fusion Unit has been specially designed to facilitate and speed up the preparation of glass disks for analysis by X-RayAA solutions and for ICP analysis.

F2 Electrical Fluxer

A highly automated unit, the F2 Electrical Fluxer is able to control and visualise in real time the fusion process of a sample. Its innovative induction heating system represents a major technological advance.

EQH-3.0 Induction Heater

Dramatic time savings are now possible in the preparation of metallic samples because of this unit’s ability to heat up lollipops and metal bars, softening them in a fraction of the time it used to take.

MultiEPQ-100 Metal Samples System

The MultiEQP-100 is a safe, versatile and highly effective unit for the preparation of metal samples by cutting, crushing and punching. Samples can be prepared for elemental, X-ray or spark analysis.

EQ-PUL Platinumware Polishing Unit

Specially designed to guarantee a firm hold when sanding and polishing your platinumware, the EQ-PUL can be set to 8 different turning speeds, is easily portable and very user-friendly.

EQHP Heating Plate & Magnetic Stirrer

The EQHP is able to heat liquids up to 550°. It can also stir samples at a rate of 0-1500 rpm. These tasks can be performed either simultaneously or independently of each other.

EQ-VO Vortex Mixer

A useful aid to the preparation of liquid samples prior to ICP or AA analysis, the EQ-VO Vortex Mixer can also be used for the homogenisation of solid samples with binders in containers like crucibles and vials.

AL-204 Aluminium Metal Analyser

Specially designed to quickly and precisely analyse the aluminium concentration found in slag, the AL-204 Analyser can return results with >99% accuracy in just ten minutes.

CO-202 Desktop Carbonates Analyser

Huge time savings with no loss in accuracy are now possible thanks to the CO-202 Desktop Carbonates Analyser. This semi-automatic unit can return results in under three minutes and is sensitive to 0.01%.

CO-211 Continuous Carbonates Analyser

The Equilab CO-211 has been specially developed to analyse the content of inorganic continuous carbon in a carbonate solution.  Its 700cc reactor maintains steady movement and a constant temperature.

Flux Mixtures

Available in a range of mixtures from classic Lithium Metaborate to varying percentages of Lithium Metaborate and Lithium Tetraborate, with or without additives. Less common mixtures on request.


Platinumware is available in a range of different alloys such as Platinum / Gold, Platinum / Rhodium, Platinum / Gold / Rhodium. We supply standard crucibles and molds to fit all major furnace brands.

Drift Monitors for X-Ray Analysers

Having confidence in the accuracy of your results means ensuring that X-Ray tubes and drift monitors are replaced at regular intervals. Equilab can meet this need with high quality, affordable replacements.


For over thirty years Equilab have been at the forefront of metals and inorganics testing in Europe. Their guiding philosophy throughout this time has been simple: to provide the most dependable, durable, safe and user-friendly sampling equipment, all at the optimal price to quality ratio. Their growing success speaks volumes about the wisdom of this customer-led approach and a number of global industrial brands have come to depend on their precision technology. Equilab units are now a standard feature in Quality Control laboratories all over the world.

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